National Lipstick Day ! [ Free Makeup in store ...]

National Lipstick Day may be a made-up (if not extremely fun) holiday, but there is more reason to celebrate than you might think — and it's a lot more exciting than wearing around your favorite shade. Enter: MAC's Lips, Lips, Lips giveaway.
There is one thing the cosmetics brand loves to do, and that's offer up free samples and perks for its loyal customers. Well, makeup fans might want to sit down, because this time around the deal is better than ever. In honor of National Lipstick Day this Saturday, the company is giving away one free, full-sized lipstick to every customer... just because.
All you have to do to get in on the deal: Head to your local MAC counter, pick out a shade, and... walk out triumphantly. Our only suggestion is that you make your way there fast. The promotion is starting on July 29 while supplies last. Ready, set, go!

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