How I ended up W/ THE Lip balm ...

When you go on a coffee run and end up buying a lip balm ... Yes that' s me! Like every morning I was in a hunt of my dose of caffeine much needed for the day, only had a hundred in my purse, no credit card, no nothing ( I just ran out the door like that). Anyway, the girl tells me that she doesn't have change blablabla... So first thing I see is next door that little lingerie/beauty shop (you don't have to show me twice), the minute after I was in there buying that LIP CONDITIONER by Herbivore. 
Thank you destiny ... you saved my lips.
Nothing I do, use or try works for more than a day ! And I bought a lots of lip balms... I always think that I found "THE ONE", and after a day or two I keep having cracked lips.
the sun, the cold ... they are just ruining it all. I've tried lip scrubs, medicated balms, even mask with my Avene moisturizing body cream.
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