Jessica Shares Her Diet and Fitness Secrets

Describing Jessica Alba is not an easy task. Sure, you could go for the obvious: successful, beautiful, inspiring. You could focus on her career: actress-turned-entrepreneur-turned-billion-dollar-company-founder. Lately, however, we’ve gone a simpler route best summed up in just one word: goals.

Seriously—is there anyone as worthy of this declaration than Alba? Her family: goals. Her career trajectory: goals. Her business savvy: goals. Her cheekbones: goals, goals, goals. But the real reason we all love Jessica Alba isn’t because of her business cred or her perfect skin (though we’ll gladly take any and all of her beauty advice, thanks). No, our reverence can be traced back to a very simple fact: She is all of these things, but she also magically remains real. She is a mother who encountered a problem and wanted the best for her children so she created a solution (hi, The Honest Company). She lands the cover of major magazines, but also has a penchant for silly Snapchat filters. She does her friends’ makeup. All of these things make her both revered and relatable—and we’ll gladly take her word as gospel along the way.
With that in mind, we caught up with Alba on the heels of a new launch with Zico (of which she has served as an ambassador for several years) and asked her how she stays healthy (and happy) in the midst of all the madness. Yes, coconut water is part of the equation, but so is hot sauce, a Drake-filled workout playlist, and lots of winking-induced laughter.
Keep scrolling to find out Jessica Alba’s diet and fitness secrets!

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