I did it !!!
See below my custom MacBook, it's like I Have a new one and motivates me accomplish new things and work hard today ... I know my mind goes too far but it helps I swear.

Today in Miami, the weather is very bad ... Grey sky and rain all day. I am lucky to feel so good and comfy in my home surround by flowers, wood, my wool rug, my coffee, my dog and... my marble Laptop. So below you will find How to make your own :)


Here’s what you need:
● Marble-print wallpaper stickers. in black here.
● A MacBook Pro (or any other laptop really)
- Scissors
- A sharp craft knife
Before you begin, it’s important to give the surface that you are working on a good clean to prevent dust from creating bumps. Use wet wipes to clean off any dirt and oil and dry it with the lint free cloth before starting on this project.
 Step one // Place the contact paper over your Macbook and roughly cut it to the same size.

Step two // Remove the protective seal from the back of the contact paper and slowly stick it to your Macbook (using a ruler to flatten the contact paper as you go helps to prevent air bubbles).
Step three // Use a sharp craft knife to cut around the edges of your Macbook.

Step four // Cut around the Apple logo and peel it off (if you have trouble seeing the edges of the logo you can lift your laptop lid slightly so the light shines through.

And voila! 

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