At Home with ... Jennifer Fisher & Kids

Though born and raised in California, Jennifer Fisher is a true New Yorker at heart. The fashion stylist-turned-CFDA-nominated jewelry designer has most-certainly earned her badass spirit. At just 27, she was diagnosed with an estrogen-driven tumor and told she would have to undergo chemotherapy and may never be able to carry a child. Fisher and her husband tried unsuccessfully for years to conceive via surrogacy and IVF. After taking a break from trying, she became pregnant naturally. Shane, a healthy baby boy, was born in March 2005. Then, just six months later, Fisher found out she was pregnant again. As a new mom, she was eager to find jewelry she could wear to represent her children, while also staying true to her edgy style, so she created her very own letter-stamped necklaces. Friends took notice and soon, orders from major retailers started pouring in. Thriving business, healthy kids, loving husband, a soon-to-be new home, and the coveted Vogue nomination—this is Jennifer Fisher's time to shine.

"I try to teach her not to take negative things people may say to heart. People are always going to talk and sometimes not say very nice things—it is up to her not to give it power."
"We cook a lot—lately, we’ve been making yogurt bowls for breakfast (just like the ones they have at the Chobani store). This one has mint, olive oil, and sea salt. It’s what we do together every morning. They love it, and are big enough now that they can really help." 

"My mother-in-law once told me, ‘If they are quiet, leave them alone’, and it’s proven to be so true. People feel the need to over-stimulate their kids these days. I like to let them be and imagine and create." 

"I gained 28 pounds with Shane and about 30 with Drew. It was much harder losing the weight after the second!'

"In the mornings, I am always solo with the kids. It gives me my 'mom' time with them before work."

"My favorite thing about my kids getting older is that less ‘stuff’ is required. Not having to buy so many kid’s ‘things’ is so freeing. Now it’s more about books and games. We love to play Connect 4, cards, and soccer in the house!"

When it comes to clothing, I make everything as easy as possible. I buy separates that can be mixed easily and stick with mostly Isabel Marant for day. And I buy less fussy furniture, too—I cannot tell you how many times I have replaced the mirror on my nightstands!"

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