Circle Game x The 2 Bandits

The 2 Bandits Lookbook
Photographer Zoey Grossman
Stylist Ashley Glorioso
Model Teresa Oman
H+M Stacey Tan

"And the seasons they go 'round and 'round / And the painted ponies go up and down / We're captive on the carousel of time / We can't return we can only look behind / From where we came / And go round and round and round / In the circle game"

So goes the chorus of Joni Mitchell's "The Circle Game," and for jewelry designer Tamar Wider, there couldn't have been a more striking song to fit with her latest collection for The 2 Bandits. "It is 
inspired by the circle/cycles of life. 
Most of the shapes are literal, including circles and half circles," she explains.But for the Texas native, it wasn't just the folk singer who influenced her design process; it was her roots: "I'm all about Texas glam so I went big, not home!" That translates to big hoops, onyx stones, and more than a few statement pieces. 
‘The collection is made up of circles and half circles to represent the cycle of life.
2 peices, Leo’s sticks, and Leo’s arrow are very special to me. My friends Maura and Ari lost their son, Leo 2 weeks shy of his due date. It’s a really scary yet real situation that a lot of people go through. Sticks and arrows represent Leo’s / a child’s toy. 20% of all sales goes to the MISS foundation. A non profit that has helped Maura and Ari  in their greiving process. I want to honor Leo and bring awareness to the issue.’
 If you’d like to shop the collection, and specifically support the Miss Foundation by shopping Leo’s Sticks and Arrows, shop here.

You can support the MISS Foundation by checking their website HERE, or following their facebook or twitter
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