Trend of The week x Brian Lichtenberg

Hello Girls, For weeks since I posted this picture on my instagram I received a lot of messages asking me where you could find this Feline Tee... Here is the Answer Below...
 First Beyonce, now Miley?! We said it once and we'll say it again: faux fashion tops aredefinitely having a moment. And don't think it's stopping in 2013, either... months after this clever repurposing  of fashion brands first crossed our radar, the trend is still going strong. Just take Miley Cyrus, who rang in the holiday season with her family and pets, decked out in a sweatshirt that paid homage to both designer fashion AND furry friends. We all know that the pop star and actress is a total animal lover, so we can't really think of a better model for the Brian Lichtenberg "Feline Meow" sweatshirt, can you? Brilliant!

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