Crush of the month x THIERRY LASRY

Living in Miami has it's perks. I mean, 
who else get's to enjoy a beautiful sunny day all year ?

Which brings me to sunglasses!  I've moved on to some to-die-for sunglasses by the genious himself, Thierry Lasry. Son of an Optician and Designer, he took the best of both worlds and created a brilliant line of sunglasses that are very vintage-esque with a modern touch. Making it's way into the world of fashion and celebrity scene, the Thierry Lasry collection is sure to turn heads and paparazzi flashes! You can spot Nicole Richie and Beyonce rocking them on the regular. Sold in over 20 different countries in select department stores, concept shops and optical boutiques, you'll find yourself shelling out a good $400+. If you haven't heard about Thierry Lasry, shame on you. 
I'm all over it!

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