Mr Kate x Days of Ore ...

 I'm still obsessed with MR.KATE's Jewelry for years now, and I love to share
 each new collection with you.... 
Here is the collection "DAYS OF ORE"which is marvelous
 Where was this enchanting lookbook shot?
It was shot at this amazing hiking location in Monrovia called Canyon Park. It doesn't feel like the normal California landscape—there are huge trees and a stream with giant rocks. It's gorgeous!
What inspired this particular collection?
This collection was inspired by metal (ore) being a part of nature. Humans have mined metal for years to ornament their bodies so I infused an ancient tone to this collection as well as a connection to nature. One of the predominant textures in this collection is one I made to look like layered dew drops. I achieved this with hundreds of droplets of melted wax when I was making the original models for the pieces.

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