Crush of my day ♥ Théa by Emilie Duchêne rings

Le bijou comme reflet non pas de l’épaisseur du portefeuille mais de nos émotions et de nos aspirations, on dit oui!
Dans l’esprit de la Mimi-Oui de Dior, justement, voici les ravissantes bagues en or rose à message Théa by Emilie Duchêne. Chaque modèle est unique, confectionné à la demande, livrable sous 3 semaines tout simplement pour se faire plaisir avec un bijou talisman! N’est-ce pas cela, au fond, le luxe ultime?
460 € la bague en or rose (ou jaune ou blanc) jusqu’à 5 lettres (ou chiffres), avec ou sans diamants, Coeur ou étoile de David avec serti diamant, 510 €.
Le blog d’Emilie Duchêne:
 The concept: It is simply about allowing everyone to sculpt in pink gold, one word of their choice, either five lower case letters or five figures, no more.  Imagine a heart or a star engraved in pink gold and set with a diamond to be worn like a unique and irreplaceable good luck charm. Because the ring bears a message it is an eternal symbol of a special moment – a profession of love; a talisman that one offers oneself; a subliminal message to a loved one; a birth, communion, Bat Mitzvah gift.
The creation: The rings are custom-made. You decide the message. Your name or that of someone dear to you. Your magic words – your word for love, a birth date, initials, etc.  Emilie Duchêne produces a prototype and three weeks later your ring is delivered in a beautiful black and white case.  A case designed to reflect its contents: something exclusive, that heralds the discovery of something magic.
 A piece of jewellery is no longer a statement denoting social status.  It is a reflection of our aspirations. It reveals our wishes, our desires, our identity.

Throughout her journeys around the world, visiting salons and fashion shows, Emilie Duchêne discovered the world of fashion and the women who not only ‘wear’ this fashion but those who ‘live’ fashion.  For the past two years she has also been exchanging her ideas via her blog “Lila L’oiseau”.
Through these experiences, Emilie realized that jewellery is no longer just an eye-catching object, but rather an extension of our skin, our personality, our being – evermore delicate and personalised to the extreme.  Hence her creation of jewellery for 21st century women.  Women who are active and creative.  Woman who are the mistresses of their destiny.  Woman who are inspired by the simple, pure and delicately beautiful.
Thus was born “Théa by Emilie Duchêne” a line of pink gold rings, each one unique and created to order.  Talk about an ultimate luxury.
Why Théa: Théa is the name of her daughter who was born at the same time as this project and because she wanted this birth to be forever associated with a moment of creation.

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