From BOMBAY to PARIS x CHANEL Métiers d'Art show

 You can always rely on Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel to push fashion to its most fantastical, opulent limits and that’s exactly what he did yesterday with the label’s Métiers d'Art salon show. The annual event is a celebration of the craftspeople who produce Chanel’s beautiful clothes. The Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into an opulent scene, with long white tables piled high with fruit and scattered with rose petals for the show, which had ‘Paris-Bombay’ as its theme.
 Models strolled down the white catwalk wearing Indian-style dress, turbans and jewels with a quintessentially Chanel feel. The famous Chanel tweed was turned into tunics and leggings strung with the label’s signature ropes of pearls. Snow white leggings morphed into black-tipped boots and rich gold embroidery covered ever possible surface. It was an extravagant display that beautifully blended the exoticism of the Indian subcontinent with traditional French couture.

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