Lindsey Thornburg x SoHo

 Downtown darling Lindsey Thornburg draws inspiration from thousands of miles away into her charming SoHo studio, which she shares with jewelry maven Anna Sheffield, to produce cloaks and accessories perfect for masking a New York winter. Thornburg successfully marries her love of nostalgic Southwest America and indigenous Peru in creating beautifully draped — vintage Pendleton, no less — coverings that not only protect one from the elements but also morph the wearer into a chic urban warrior. With dramatic silhouettes and one-of-a-kind fabrication, Thornburg is truly marking her spot in the industry, serving up otherworldly outerwear and woolen hoods that complete any look with a playful yet bold flare.

   The self-titled collection isn't just for women: Devendra Banhart and a few men about town have been spotted cloaked in Lindsey Thornburg as well. Hoods start at $200; cloaks start at $795, with prices varying based on length and fabrication. With the launch of her online store, more info and products can be found here.

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