iT GirL of the month x Leandra Medine

What is a man repeller? “Man repelling is a term I made up with a friend of mine late last April that’s defined by a female’s choice to outfit herself in a sartorially offensive way. This, in turn, repels the opposite sex. Garments that fit the repelling criteria include harem pants, shoulder pads, full-length jumpsuits, maxi skirts, boyfriend jeans, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs. The way I see it, the more a woman adores your style, the more likely it is incomprehensible to a man. What would I consider man-getting [the opposite of man-repelling]? I’d say men like things simple: A little black dress, easy stilettos, skinny jeans and plain tanks. Chic, in vogue, they are not.”

 How do you know if you’re a man repeller? “If a woman is a man repeller, it’s pretty obvious. She’s likely to always opt for a turban on her head over a ponytail, brogues over stilettos and Alexander Wang over companionship

"Part of the appeal of a blog is that you're taking fashion advice and listening to the opinion of a girl who is like you. You don't need Anna Wintour to dictate what you're going to wear tomorrow."

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