Abbey Lee & her band "Our Mountain"

When I first heard model Abbey Lee Kershaw was in a band, I was intrigued with a hint of skepticism. Gorgeous model, gone rocker? But, in digging into the band a little, I was pleasantly surprised and found them really interesting. The band, Our Mountain, also consists of Matthew Hutchinson (Abbey’s boyfriend), Daniel Hallpike and Michael Noonan, all of whom are from Melbourne, Australia.
As for Abbey Lee, her presence in the band is subtle, but solid.  She plays keys with a dramatic urgency in the song “wooden hearts,” and also plays the tambourine like a pro, dancing in the shadows on stage, never the center of attention (although it’s hard not to watch her). When she’s not playing and singing with the band, you’ll find her off to the side of the stage, soaking it in as she draws – the band has actually used her art for their album.

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