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The perfect Ride x VEER

What is the Veer wagon? Is it worth the price?  Why would you need it instead of a stroller ? Why parents will love it : A performance handle grip and a telescoping handle let you push or pull the wagon easily. The robotically welded aluminum frame, two three-point harnesses and aggressive front suspension provide peace of mind as you cruise. Why kids will love it : Contoured and vented seats make for a comfortable ride. A snack tray, cupholders and built-in storage pockets provide extra convenience for all of their food, drinks and toys. The Pros of the Veer Stroller/Wagon hybrid – You get a lot of the features of a stroller but the look and functionality of a wagon. It’s honestly a super nice in between. It gives a TON of space for stuff, especially with the add on storage basket, and tons of room for little ones to sit. Versatility  – The add-on of the car seat adapter is also nice if you plan on growing your family. Durability –  This   is like an SUV of wagons. Easy to clean  – Th

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